Beat Bob


Bob delivers inspirational and motivating messages that change other's lives through his speeches and events. All of this after he puts on a volleyball exhibition your audience will never forget.
Messages for teens and adults about anti-bullying, never giving up on dreams, the effects of drugs and alcohol, encouragement, intentional living, and moving towards a passion filled life!
Before Bob delivers his inspirational message, Bob plays a girl’s team, a boy’s team, and a faculty team. Bob plays professional teams for larger events and your employees for corporate events.
Because of how vital Bob's mission and speech is for all to hear, Bob will work with your budget and meet your needs. This is how Bob has been available to speak to over 6,000,000 people throughout his career.
No matter the time or place, Bob can pack out a gym or event venue! Download the customizable event posters and ticket handouts to raise awareness about your event to bring in a crowd as pictured below at one of Bob's latest events!