Beat Bob

An invoice, Bob’s signed W-9 form, and an event setup sheet is provided for download and printing at If you have trouble downloading the documents from the website, Bob can send them to you through Dropbox.
Bob uses athletics as a conduit to speaking against bullying, drug and alcohol usage, and suicide. Speaking across the nation on these epidemics offers Bob the opportunity to impact and save individuals from a harrowing fate or shortened life, sharing a message of hope and overcoming the odds. Bob is the only volleyball player in the world who competes as a one man team. The uniqueness of his enterprise draws the attention of all who hear of his endeavors and ensures those who learn more about him learn a much weightier lesson. Bob is wholeheartedly committed to sparing the lives of others, with athletics functioning as his hook.
Usually around one hour and twenty minutes. However, Bob is flexible to meet your time or scheduling constraints.
Two large, 100 foot extension cords and a cooler with water/juice is needed as well. Bob will play any team compromised from your school or company. Often at schools, he will play a shortened game against a boys, girls, then faculty/staff team. At larger events, Bob is able to play longer games against professional athletes or your own combination of rivals.
Tickets can be passed out to students/attendees and posters hung at your school/business, both already produced and able for you to download at If you have trouble downloading the advertisements from the website, Bob can send them to you through Dropbox.
Bob is willing to work with your budget and allotted funds to bring lively entertainment and an inspirational message. Please contact him for more details using the information provided on