Beat Bob


Bob delivers an inspirational message to your employees while at the same time allows for you to use him as a means of advertising. Performing his one-man volleyball exhibition while wearing your logo or adding your logo to a social media video of Bob at your corporation allows for your product to go viral.
Bob's message is so important for your employees and customers to hear. Everyone has heard the phrase, "you never know what someone is going through", and that is very true. Bob offers a message of hope and challenges all who are able to hear to beat the odds and live life to the fullest.
Bob is the only man in the world playing volleyball by himself. To have Bob wearing your logo, using your product, being in your commercial, or booking him for your event is an incredibly unique opportunity. Video Bob and use him on your corporation's social media outlets. Even 2000 viewers seeing your product will quickly multiply to tens of thousands when they share with others about the never-otherwise-seen event they attended.
When Bob plays volleyball at your event, all eyes are on one guy the whole time throughout Bob’s athletic competition and lively speaking. Essentially, Bob becomes a walking billboard for any organization, brand, or company. An advertising investment in Bob’s return truly is more cost effective than paying for a logo on a NASCAR driver or other athlete, as there is no other endorsed athlete present competing for a viewer’s attention.