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Dear Bob

When you came to my school, I was about to end my life. I did not have anything left to do except take up space in everyone’s daily lives. I felt useless. I was going to end my life on my birthday, which was coming up on September 26. I had already prepared to hang myself with my own computer cord. It was only a matter of time. But every day I think of how you beat the odds and won against the volleyball team. Now, it is my motivation to keep on going. I did not end my life on my birthday. You are my hero Bob. I would like you to share my story with everyone. Just keep motivating.

Your Newest Friend,



I just wanted to thank you for the terrific program that you presented to our students. Our building is still talking about the fun they had watching you play volleyball, as well as the positive message that you presented. In fact, I have gotten a couple of calls from parents who called and thanked us for having such a wonderful assembly. I would highly recommend your program for any middle school or high school. 
Thanks again for visiting our school.

Dan Brooks, Principal, Kidder Middle School – Jackson, MI

Bob Holmes holds the world record for having played more games in any sport than any other athlete alive. In fact, Bob has played over 20,000 GAMES of volleyball in his lifetime.

Bob’s talent and message has been seen and heard by over 6 million people.

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Bob is a one-man, record-setting volleyball team that seeks to help teenagers and young adults battle depression and suicide. Over 6 million people have seen Bob play volleyball and heard his talks on suicide prevention. Countless lives have been spared thanks to Bob’s unique talent and gift for speaking.

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20,016-470 (W-L)

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Because of decreasing school budgets and the willingness of Bob to go and spread his message of hope and beating the odds with teens and young adults, Bob relies heavily on support from corporations, individuals and nonprofits.

Beat Bob is supported by the National Center for Life & Liberty, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization from the state of Florida.