Emails and Testimonials


From Brady Cook, Principal:

"Bob Holmes put on the most entertaining and meaningful assembly performance that I've seen in my entire career in education. He dazzled our students with humor, action, and athleticism. After captivating them with his amazing volleyball skills, he delivered a message about making good decisions. I will be recommending Mr. Bob Holmes to every principal that will listen."

Emails From Students

Dear Bob,
When you came to my school, I was about to end my life. I did not have anything left to do except take up space in everyone's daily lives. I felt useless. I was going to end my life on my birthday Which is coming up on September 26. I had already prepared to hang myself with my own computer cord It was only a matter of time. But every day I think of how you beat the odds and won against the volleyball team. And that is my motivation to keep on going. You are my hero Bob. I would like you to share my story with everyone else. Just keep motivating.

Your Newest Friend,


I was planning my death a few nights ago, and prior to meeting you today, I cut my wrist twice Tuesday night. However, I'm not the least bit ashamed to say that I will no longer continue to self-mutilate because of you! I'm so grateful that you came to the school today, or I'd have gone through with my decision. All my life, I've just wanted to meet someone who showed that they truly care whether I'm alive or if I just disappear suddenly. You, sir, have shown me that there is hope and staying alive is worth it.